About PRIME Athlete Development

Located in Kennesaw, GA, PRIME Athlete Development delivers professional-level offensive line-specific training focused solely on the development of the offensive line athlete.  We pride ourselves on providing the offensive line athlete with the proven blueprint that will help him become the best offensive lineman he can be. Our program is the PREMIER OFFENSIVE LINE-SPECIFIC TRAINING PROGRAM in the Southeastern United States. The Prime training program consists of college level off-season training, NFL Pre-Draft training, and NFL/CFL off-season training. The Prime advantage is evident and the results back it up.

Our founder, Geoff Pastrick, earned his degree from Southwest Texas State (now Texas State) in Exercise and Sports Science, is a Certified Weightlifting Performance Coach (CWPC), a Certified Program Design Specialist (CPDS) and has been a professional coach his whole life. Coach Pastrick spent 15 years as a certified teacher and coach at the highest level of high school football in the states of TX and GA and his experience and results speak for themselves. Coach Pastrick has been an OL coach, a TE coach, an Offensive Coordinator, a Strength & Conditioning Coordinator, a Recruiting Coordinator and a Head Football Coach all on the varsity level of high school football. Coach Pastrick has personally coached over 30 players that have gone on to play at the next level, including an offensive lineman who won the 2016 BCS National Championship with the Clemson Tigers. 

Coach Pastrick has a proven record of success as a football coach and as a developer of offensive linemen.  A former offensive lineman himself, Coach Pastrick has a special place in his heart for the men up front and understands what it takes to help them dominate at the line of scrimmage and in life.